Models Available in Washington

Every year, more car manufacturers bring new plug-in models to Washington. The following vehicles are all available new at dealerships in Washington. You can find other models in Oregon or California, or imported used from those states!

All electric vehicles qualify for up to $7,500 in federal income tax credit. In addition, most qualify for no sales tax on the first $32,000 of a new purchase or lease in Washington!

ModelMSRPRange (mi)Gas Mileage (mpg)Charging
Chevrolet Bolt$37,495238-DC Quick Charge (CCS) Available
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid$41,9953332Level 2 Only
Kia Soul EV$31,95093-DC Quick Charge Standard
Nissan LEAF S$29,01084-DC Quick Charge Available
Nissan LEAF SV/SL$34,200107-DC Quick Charge Available
Ford Focus Electric$29,17072-Level 2 Only
Smart electric drive$19,99068-Level 2 Only
Mitsubishi i-MiEV$23,84562-DC Quick Charge Standard
Chevrolet Volt$34,0955341Level 2 Only
BMW i3$42,40081-DC Quick Charge (CCS) Standard
Tesla Model X 75$83,000237-Tesla Supercharger Standard
Tesla Model X 90$95,500257-Tesla Supercharger Standard
Tesla Model S 70$71,500234-Tesla Supercharger Standard
Tesla Model S 90$89,500294-Tesla Supercharger Standard
BMW i8$136,5001528Level 2 Only
Models updated March 24, 2017. Some prices not updated since April 29, 2016.
MSRP shown for base trim with no options, before $7,500 tax credit. Miles shown for EPA-estimated electric-only range. MPG is EPA-estimated combined city/highway mileage. DC Quick Charge provides 80% charge in 20-30 minutes. Tesla Supercharger provides 50% charge in 20 minutes. Level 2 charging provides about 20 miles of driving per hour of charging on most models.

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