Legislation Alert: Limitations on Tesla’s ability to sell in Washington

The information comes courtesy of Jeff Finn, the State Legislative Issues Coordinator for the Seattle EVA. The Board of Directors urges you to read this carefully and take action as you see appropriate.

Two nearly identical bills are likely to be voted on in the State’s Senate and House early this week. Thrown in with these bills is a provision that would prohibit Tesla Motors from adding stores in Washington State, requiring instead that new cars are sold via the dealer franchise model used by other car manufacturers. This would severely limit the ability of Tesla Motors to sell electric cars in Washington.

The bills would also make it nearly impossible for car manufacturers to use Washington a a test bed for EVs, as it would require all of that manufacturer’s dealers to have equipment capable of servicing such a vehicle.

You may contact your legislators regarding this issue by clicking each of these links below, and clicking the link “Comment on this bill” in the green box.

In addition, Tesla has asked interested parties to show up at the capitol building at 10:30am on Monday, February 17th to attempt to talk to representatives about this issue. A strong showing is expected, including North Sound EVA Vice President, Steve Coram, and his family.

Tesla Motors is a major contributor to electric vehicle sales in this state. Their ability to continue to sell vehicles using their current model is very important for the future of electric cars in Washington.

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