January 2015 Meeting Minutes

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to our January 2015 meeting in Bellingham. We had a good turnout and a lot of very interesting discussions.

Legislative Action Mailing List

The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association has created a Legislative Action Mailing List, for interested parties to receive notifications of upcoming state and local legislation that should be commented on. We highly encourage you to sign up and to call or e-mail your elected officials about the issues brought up on the list.

To sign up, send an email to John McCoy: jjmmccoy72 at gmail dot com. Provide him with your name, home address, legislative district number, e-mail address, and phone number.

EV Endurance Rally

John Rosselli, Sr. is organizing an EV Endurance Rally to drive in a loop over the Cascades and back at the end of this summer. He’s looking for volunteers to help him out with organizing the event, including EV experts and computer experts. He’s also seeking funding for the rally. Any profits from the rally will be divided among several local causes. For information or to help out, e-mail ¬†John at rossellijd at gmail dot com.

Bellingham to Baker & EV Party

Last summer, the Havemans hosted an EV+Solar party at their house and had a great turnout. This year, before the party we will have an EV rally from the Havemans’ house to Mount Baker and back. We will use this opportunity to raise awareness for EVs and raise money for installing a charger somewhere along the route to Mount Baker.

The rally and party will be on August 1st, 2015. More details to come.

Food Co-op Charging Statistics

Melissa Elkins is the Sustainability Program Coordinator for Community Food Co-op, where our meetings are held. She provided some information on the Co-op’s sustainability program including statistics about the two car chargers at the Cordata store that were installed in March. Between March and the end of the year, the two chargers were used a total of 548 times and provided 1,998.78 kWh of power, enough to drive an average EV about 8,000 miles!

If you have any questions for Melissa, you can call her at (360) 734-8158 x156 or e-mail her: melissae at communityfood dot coop.

Technician Awareness

John Hennig proposed that we could visit local community colleges, trade schools, and car shops to show them examples of EVs and teach them a bit about how they work. One of the biggest challenges to getting dealers to sell EVs is resistance from the service departments. Getting them early exposure to these things will help to reduce their fears when the inevitably have to start working on them in the future.

Sun Country Highway Partnership

We have signed an agreement to enter a partnership with Sun Country Highway. Sun Country is a Canadian company that’s expanding into the States. They provide public charging stations which are free to use and they sell charging stations for residential and commercial installation. Among other things, our partnership will grant us one free charging station and an executive from Sun Country will attend and present at one of our meetings.

Membership Update

If you regularly attend meetings or otherwise wish to support our group, please apply for membership. The Electric Auto Association pays us a dividend annually based on how many members we have. It’s only $35/year for you to sign up. Your membership fee is a tax-deductible donation.

You are also encouraged to make additional donations to our chapter. Your tax-deductible donations are used for all of our activities, including paying fees to enter shows, printing handouts and signs, and so on. We would also like to use our funds to purchase charging stations to install at useful locations in our region.

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